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Name Advisors/Lab Year of Graduation Current Position
Brock, Kelly Prof. Jeremy England 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Marks Lab, Harvard Medical School, Dept. of Cell Biology
David, Lawrence Prof. Eric Alm 2010 Assistant Professor, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, Duke University
Freese, Peter Prof. Chris Burge 2018 Bioinformatics Scientist - GRAIL, Inc.
Friedman, Jonathan Prof. Eric J. Alm and Prof. Daniel H. Rotham 2013 Senior Lecturer, Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rehovot, Israel
Friedman, Robin Prof. Chris Burge & Prof. David Bartel 2011 Director of Research and Development at Ohana Biosciences (formerly VL34)
Gurry, Thomas Prof. Collin M. Stultz 2015 Research Scientist, Alm Lab, Biological Engineering Department, MIT
Huang, Shao-shan Carol Prof. Ernest Fraenkel 2011 Assistant Professor, Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, Department of Biology, New York University
Isik, Leyla Prof. Tomaso Poggio 2015 Claire Booth Luce Assistant Professor, Department of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University
Kedaigle, Amanda Prof. Ernest Fraenkel 2018 Computational Biology I, Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA
Kleiman, Laura Prof. Peter K. Sorger & Prof. Douglas Lauffenburger 2010 Scientific Research Director, cBio Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Executive Director, Cures Within Reach for Cancer
Lin, Charles Prof. Chris Burge & Prof. Richard Young 2012 Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine
Matus , Mariana Prof. Eric J. Alm 2018 CEO and Cofounder of Biobot Analytics
Miraldi, Emily Prof. Forest White 2012 Assistant Professor of Immunoengineering and Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Picard, Colette Prof. Mary Gehring 2019 Postdoc, UCLA, Jacobsen Lab
Rameseder, Jonathan Prof. Michael Yaffe 2014 Patent Examiner at the European Patent Office
Shapiro, Jesse Prof. Eric Alm 2010 Assistant Professor, Department of Biological sciences Université de Montréal Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Spencer, Sabrina Prof. Peter K. Sorger 2009 Assistant Professor , University of Colorado-Boulder
Spencer, Sarah J. Prof. Eric Alm 2017 Computational Biology Scientist at CRISPR Therapeutics
Wu, Xuebing Prof. Phillip Sharp & Prof. Chris Burge 2014 Assistant Professor of Medicine and Systems Biology at Columbia University
Xue, Vincent Prof. Amy Keating 2018 Associate Director, Systems Pharmacology at Immuneering
Yang, Joy Prof. Martin F. Polz 2019 Data Scientist, Google Inc.
Zheng, Grace Prof. Phillip Sharp & Prof. Chris Burge 2010 Senior Scientist at 10x Genomics