Apply for CSB-AAP here (accepting rolling applications until Nov 15)

What is CSB-AAP?

The CSB Application Assistance Program (CSB-AAP) is a volunteer-based, student-run program which provides assistance to CSB applicants from communities historically underrepresented in higher education, including students from groups underrepresented in STEM, students with non-traditional academic backgrounds, and students from academic institutions which have not historically sent many students to MIT. Applicants are paired with a graduate student who can answer questions about CSB and MIT, provide feedback on materials to create a stronger application and guide applicants through the CSB application process. If you are currently considering applying to CSB and would like to participate in CSB-AAP, the application form will help us match you with a current graduate student to guide you through the application process so that your strengths truly shine through. 

Logistics of CSB-AAP mentorship

Every applicant & mentor is unique and so unique structure & guidance will prevail for each pairing. But just as a rough guideline, applicants can expect mentors to virtually meet with them up to 2 or 3 times during the process, answer questions about the application/curriculum/student life, and help polish their statement of purpose/CV. Filling out the questions in the application form is a voluntary disclosure of information; the questions are simply intended to help us pair you with an appropriate mentor and allow us to more easily standardize and report applicant statistics. CSB-AAP will accept rolling requests until November 15th in order to provide assistance before the December 1st CSB application deadline. Only students applying for the current admissions cycle are eligible to receive assistance.

Additional CSB-AAP resources

CSB-AAP is also excited to announce that a webinar with student panels will be scheduled for November 10th with the MIT GradCatalyst program to help answer common questions and to support those who may not need one-on-one mentorship. The webinar will be open to all that are interested, and keep an eye out on this page. For updates please subscribe to our mailing list (be sure to approve the mailing list confirmation email which is often marked as spam). Also, please do feel free to take advantage of the MIT BE Communication Lab CommKit for resources and guidance on how to write personal statements for graduate applications.

Privacy Disclaimer

***Please note that CSB-AAP is a volunteer-based program: graduate students are offering their time to support prospective applicants, and this support is by no means a guarantee of admission. Moreover, the information you provide on this application form will be used to pair you with a graduate student mentor and to better understand the demographics of applicants we are reaching. The information you provide will not be shared with the CSB Graduate Admissions Committee or any official MIT entity and will be de-identified in any reports to MIT administration. Moreover, any personal information (e.g. race, gender identity, citizenship status) we ask for here is completely voluntary. Your privacy is important to us.***

For further questions, please contact us at csbaap@mit.edu.