Faculty Spotlight

April Faculty Spotlight: 

Prof. Bryan Bryson

From MechE to TB

Biological Engineering's Assistant Professor Byran Bryson shares his journey from MIT undergraduate to MIT Faculty member.

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May Faculty Spotlight:

Prof. Becky Lamason

Embracing unknowns

Assistant Biology Professor Becky Lamason's relentless determination led her from odd jobs to professorship.

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June Faculty Spotlight:

Prof. Eliezer Calo

Cultivating a new career path

Assistant Biology Professor Eliezer Calo's love for science lead him from his family's farm in Puerto Rico to MIT.

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July Faculty Spotlight:

Prof. Laurie Boyer

A Message of Perseverance

Biology Professor Laurie Boyer's determination and supportive relationships brought her to where she is today.

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August Faculty Spotlight:

Prof. Tamara Broderick

From powers of two to Bayesian machine learning

Prof. Tamara Broderick's early passion for Math along with the support of her Father and many influential faculty guided her to Ph.D. research and ultimately to MIT as a faculty member in EECS.

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November Faculty Spotlight:

Prof. Amy Keating


Human-human and protein-protein interactions

A change in fields and a two body problem ultimately led Biology and BE Professor Amy Keating to MIT to study coiled-coils and other protein interactions.

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Faculty Spotlight:

Prof. Olivia Corradin


Unlocking the Mysteries of the Human Genome Could Revolutionize Our Understanding of Disease.

Olivia Corradin is an assistant professor of Biology at MIT and a core member of the Whitehead Institute. She investigates the genetic and epigenetic changes in gene regulatory elements that influence human disease.

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