Paul C. Blainey

Faculty Title: 

Associate Professor of Biological Engineering Core Member, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT


  • Biological Engineering (BE)


Broad Institute, NE30

Phone Number: 

(617) 714-7320


Research Areas: 

Research Summary: 

Broadly, my laboratory translates cutting-edge microfluidic, molecular, and optical methods into new measurement capabilities and biological insights that can make a tangible impact on human health. Our work breaks down across two major goals. The first goal is to accelerate the acquisition of reliable, high-quality data by eliminating experimental “bottlenecks” and improving the throughput of biological experimentation. To achieve this, we first identify specific methodological constraints that limit the types of research questions that can be pursued. The second goal is to measure and explain the dynamics of biological systems, particularly for the fastest meaningful time scales. We are interested in how biomolecules, cells, and organisms change spontaneously over time and in response to perturbations