Xiao Wang

Faculty Title: 

Cabot Assistant Professor at MIT Chemistry Core Institute Member, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT


B.S. in chemistry and molecular engineering from Peking University in 2010 Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Chicago in 2015


  • Chemistry


Broad Institute (75 Ames Street) Room 8013

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Faculty Bio: 

Xiao Wang is a core institute member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at MIT. She started her lab in 2019 to develop and apply new chemical, biophysical, and genomic tools to better understand the role of the RNA life cycle in tissue function and dysfunction.

Research Areas: 

Research Summary: 

My lab is interested in developing and applying chemical, biophysical and genomic tools to study cellular RNAs as well as creating new strategies for RNA-based drugs. Specifically, we aim to (1) develop a molecular and computational toolbox of spatially resolved in situ sequencing methods to measure RNA processing, RNA translation, RNA-protein interactions, and RNA turnover in intact cells and tissues; (2) explore RNA-centered pathways at subcellular and single-cell resolutions in brain function and dysfunction by multi-modal mapping and analysis of gene expression, brain morphology, and neural activity; (3) develop new strategies for RNA therapeutics.