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Jeff Gore: A physicist exploring population dynamics of microbes

May 15, 2018

MIT Professor sees many "big, deep questions in biology" that benefit from study by both physicists and life scientists.

It’s a pretty good bet that among MIT’s physics faculty, Jeff Gore is the only one with test tubes of yeast growing in his lab.
Gore, a biophysicist who studies population dynamics, uses yeast and other microbes to explore the fundamental rules that govern phenomena such as population collapse. His microbial communities offer a window into principles that also influence larger-scale populations that are much more difficult to study.


Protecting confidentiality in genomic studies

May 8, 2018

Cryptographic system could enable "crowdsourced" genomics, with volunteers contributing information to privacy-protected databases.

Genome-wide association studies, which look for links between particular genetic variants...


Biologists discover function of gene linked to familial ALS

May 7, 2018

Study in worms reveals gene loss can lead to accumulation of waste products in cells.

MIT biologists have discovered a function of a gene that is believed to account for up to 40 percent of all familial cases of...


CSB Thesis Defense

May 3, 2018

Student: Amanda Kedaigle

Lab: Fraenkel

Title: Integrating Omics Data: A new Software Tool and its Use in Implicating Therapeutic Targets in Huntington's Disease

Abstract: High-throughput ''omics'' data are becoming commonplace in biological research and can provide important translational insights, but there is a need for well-crafted user-friendly tools for integrating and analyzing these data. In this thesis, I present...