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Computer model offers more control over protein design

November 5, 2018

New approach generates a wider variety of protein sequences optimized to bind to drug targets.

Designing synthetic proteins that can act as drugs for cancer or other diseases can be a tedious process: It generally involves creating a library of millions of proteins, then screening the library to find proteins that bind the correct target.

MIT biologists have now come up with a more refined approach in which they use computer modeling to predict how different protein sequences will interact with the target. This strategy generates a larger number of candidates and also offers...


CSB Student Seminars

November 1, 2018

Casual research talks on Computational and Systems Biology. Lunch provided!



Our microbes are starving, and that's a good thing

October 29, 2018

High-protein diet, antibiotics make gut a festering swamp.


Regina Barzilay, James Collins, and Phil Sharp join leadership of new effort on machine learning in health

October 3, 2018

PhotMacArthur "geniuses" in machine learning and synthetic biology to serve as faculty co-leads; Nobel laureate to chair advisory board of new reasearch center.