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How diet affects tumors

October 20, 2021

Image: Christine Daniloff, stock image


Counting cells may shed light on how cancer spreads

September 28, 2021


Image: Jose-Luis Olivares, MIT 

MIT engineers devised a way to count elusive circulating tumor cells in mice, allowing them to study the dynamics of metastasis.

As tumors grow within an organ, they also release cells that enter the bloodstream. These cells can travel to other organs, seeding new tumors called metastases.

MIT engineers have now developed a technique that, for the...


The power of two

June 30, 2021

Photo: Matthew Brown

Graduate student Ellen Zhong helped biologists and mathematicians reach across departmental lines to address a longstanding problem in electron microscopy.

MIT’s Hockfield Court is bordered on the west by the ultramodern Stata Center, with its reflective, silver alcoves that jut off at odd angles, and on the east by Building 68, which is a simple, window-...


Uncovering the mysteries of milk

June 17, 2021

PhD student Sarah Nyquist applies computational methods to understudied areas of reproductive health, such as the cellular composition of breast milk.

Sarah Nyquist got her first introduction to biology during high school, when she took an online MIT course taught by genomics pioneer Eric Lander. Initially unsure what to expect, she quickly discovered biology to be her favorite subject. She began experimenting with anything she could find, beginning...